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Review Manifesto

It is our aim at ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE to offer only honest opinion and impartial advice. Of course we don’t want to upset advertisers, but we want to upset YOU our readers even less… because if those boots fail on the mountain top and you have to flop your way home in bare feet… well, you have every right to be damn annoyed. And so, whether it be daypacs, snowboards, motorhomes, mountain bikes, tents, 4×4 vehicles, books, movies, battery chargers or shotguns, our aim is to give you our honest, unbiased and truthful opinion. All reviews are scored out of a possible 100%.

0-19% – Mediocre. It gets a chopping session with the axe – Something which is FUBAR.

20-39% – Could do better. Wake up, you, at the back! –

40-59% – Performs its function hmmm okay. Distinctly average. For media, then it may be worth checking out.

60-79% – Just above average. May be worth the asking price.

80-89% – Very good indeed. Worth the money! A UAM SILVER AWARD.

90%-100% – UAM GOLD AWARD. Buy it!

Most items reviewed, be they hotels to motorbikes, will get a rating out of 100. However. Some items will get a special

“MAGPIE KIT RATING”, which is not so much a measure of cost to functionality scoring, but more a “this is a really cool bit of kit and although I know I don’t really need it, I want it, dammit!”. So then, it’s a secondary score expressing desirability. For all you “must have it” tech-heads out there. And you know who you are; so stop hiding behind your girlfriend, fidgeting with your  iPhone.

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