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What began as a “download” bi-monthly PDF magazine has now morphed into a constantly updated online magazine, with regular features, interviews and reviews. The original PDF issues can be viewed by clicking covers on the right. UAM is the brainchild of author Andy Remic (, who “likes to do a bit of cycling and climbing” and wanted a platform to share his enthusiasm with armchair adventurers.
The main aim of ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE is to explore and celebrate the realms of adventure, be it motorbiking, mountain biking, climbing, hill walking, film making, fell running, camping, hiking, travel and exploration, festivals, hell, even caravanning and motorhomes if you use your ’van as a base for something interesting! ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE is about throwing off the shackles of everyday humdrum existence, and doing something different! ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE is currently looking for reader letters, reviews, articles and features. Reviews should be around 600 words for a short review (say, your kit pack), and up to 1500 words for a major review (say of a new kayak or BMW GS1200 Adventure). If you have an idea for a feature, no matter how wild or weird it seems, drop us an email.… We like odd and different, as well as normal tales of exploration and adventure. It’s what keeps life interesting. 🙂 ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE would like to hear from you!! Between 2000 and 5000 words is a good length for a feature, although you can check with our editorial if you have either a shorter or longer piece planned. Please include your own photographs for reviews and Features when possible. All submissions should be digital, and emailed to:

To advertise on the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE site, please email the editor.

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Issue 1’s Welcome Message

Welcome to Ultimate

Adventure Magazine!

An ADVENTURE is defined as “an exciting or very unusual experience”, “partaking in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure” and “a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome”.

Why do people seek out adventure? Why do people put themselves in risky situations, on dangerous crags or down vertical bike descents? For me, personally, I like to stare at Death, then kick him in the nadgers and run away. I like to push myself physically, and to experience fear; for only that way do I appreciate a cold Guinness, the dog curled by my slippers, and Red Dwarf on the TV.

Long has it been a dream to mine to distil my favourite hobbies into a magazine exploring different pursuits, diverse adventures and exciting escapades. Mountain biking, hiking, scrambling, a spot of climbing, motorcycling (fast), exploring castles (slow), film making, travel – all have a place in my heart, and are also things I love to read about!

It has thus been a pleasure writing about adventures, reviewing kit, and compiling other people’s experiences in this tome. How does it feel to play to the crowds at Glastonbury, then head back to a mud-filled tent? Musician Jordan Reyne lets us into her world from the perspective of the rock chick… What was it like for Claudio Von Planta, cameraman (and TV star!) from Long Way Round and Long Way Down, companion of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, what was it like to be a combat photographer in Afghanistan? What was it like for Dr Andrew Murray to RUN from John O’Groats in Scotland to the Sahara Desert??!  All these adventures and MORE in this, our very first issue…

Whenever I write a novel I put blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into the book. And I’ve done the same for this magazine. It’s special. It’s written with love and passion and honesty. And it’s a platform for YOU, and YOUR adventures. So if you’ve done something special, drop me a line. I know some people who might want to read about it.…

There’s also SOL Origin Survival Tools and Montane Sabretooth gloves which use Polartec Power Shield Softshell for maximum performance up for grabs in this very issue.

Good luck!!

And finally, for those reading this just after our initial (digital) publication, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012!! ***PLEASE NOTE- this is the “lite” version with some content removed.

Andy Remic

Editor & Novelist


As of Issue 3, we have now gone fully online based — so, a regularly updated online magazine, which means we can review and feature articles on a more quick-fire basis.


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