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REVIEW: SIGG Aluminium sandwich box

June 9, 2012




I confess, owning an ultra-light, durable and strong lunch box has never been high on my agenda. I have never trawled the internet late at night, bottle of whiskey in one hand, Trail Magazine in the other, drooling over thoughts of getting my hands on the latest coolest funkiest hip and cool smash and grab lunch box.

However, once it was in my paws, well, what a nice little thing I decided it was. To say the Sigg Aluminium sandwich box is well made is an understatement. If you want the perfect aluminium lunch box, then this is it. I loved its looks; it was like carrying a small ammunition box in my pack, which in turn made me feel like Steven Seagal swaggering up the trail [joke].  It reminded me of my old motorbike luggage boxes – in miniature. And for sandwiches. Whatever. I got this little box and thought it was a cool little unit. The sort of box you could pull out at the summit of a mountain, then look condescendingly at your climbing partners as you wiggled it provocatively, as they then had to remove their cheap and tacky pieces of plastic junk.

Functionality. It it functional? Well, as can be seen in the photos, it is the perfect size for 2 generously loaded ham and mustard sandwiches. The clasps are well engineered, and a rubber seal keeps food fresh and dry. The whole unit feels extremely robust, because that’s what you need in the event of, say, a serious tumble from your downhill mountain bike – you need your sandwiches uncrushed and there to be enjoyed as you wait for the paramedics.

This is not an item that will set the world on fire. And as lunchboxes go, its modest in size (but just the right size) and we can no-doubt progress with all manner of “lunchbox” jokes here; but I’d rather not… (but let’s just say Russell Brand’s lunchbox is much, much smaller; whereas Frankie Boyle – well, as we all know, his unfunny lunchbox doesn’t even exist, so tiny is it, ha ha!…).

The SIGG aluminium sandwich box is a fine piece of kit. Do you really need one? Probably not. Do you really want one? Well… ye-eees. Now, if somebody were to try and steal my sturdy aluminium sandwich box, I’d give them a beating with it – and then happily eat my unscrunched sandwiches afterwards. It’s one of those pieces of kit that you don’t really know you need it until you’ve got it. It’s light, strong, well engineered, and just a neat and cool little thing for all you tech-head magpie kit-junkies who have to have the best of everything, and to hell with the price.




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