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Press Release: UAM changes from download magazine to online magazine.

June 9, 2012

Ultimate Adventure Magazine, as you may know, is a bi-monthly PDF download adventure magazine.

However, despite many thousands of downloads over the past few months, we feel it’s now more appropriate the magazine morphs into a rolling-updated online affair.

This allows for search engine hits on reviews, features and interviews globally, without the “hassle” of actually physically downloading the mag as a file and putting it onto a reader – which, it appears, in this fast-moving net-savvy world we live in, to be inconvenient; direct online would seem to be a more relevant accessible forum.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be uploading the majority of content from the first two magazine issues to the online magazine, although the first two issues can still be read “as is” via links on the site.

After that, interviews, reviews and features will appear on a regular weekly basis, and we are still open to review products of any kind relating to “adventure”.

Check out the new look, at



Many thanks for your patience,

Onwards and upwards!!








Andy Remic

Ultimate Adventure Magazine

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